2015-16_Outstanding_Civil_Engineer_Award2015-16 Alabama ASCE Student Civil Engineer of the Year, Ms. Yasmeen Arafeh
Pictured with Shelia Montgomery-Mills, Section President (left) and Mark Woodson, National ASCE President (right)

The Process

Each year, the Alabama Section, ASCE Education Committee extends an invitation to each of the departments of Civil Engineering in the State of Alabama to nominate one civil engineering student who meets the requirements set forth below for the award. Invitations are extended to Civil Engineering Departments at Alabama A&M University, Auburn University, University of Alabama, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Alabama at Huntsville, and University of South Alabama. The student must be enrolled in civil engineering in the academic year of nomination. He or she must also plan to enroll in civil engineering the following year as a senior (one who can be reasonably expected to complete the first civil engineering degree during the next academic year). The selection of the recipient will be based on the information given on the data sheet and any other attached materials by independent, out-of-state reviewers.

Past Recipients

Year      |        Recipient       |      University

2015-16   Yasmeen Arafeh (University of Alabama – Birmingham)

2014-15   Rebecca Nylen  (Auburn University)

2013-14   Isaac Wasilefsky (Auburn University)

2012-13   Rachael Cooley (University of South Alabama)

2011-12   William E. Guin  (University of Alabama)

2010-11   Jorge Cacciatore (University of Alabama – Huntsville)

2009-10   Lane Morrison   (University of Alabama)

2008-09   James Hugh Kyzar, IV     (University of Alabama)

2007-08   Jerry Bradley, Jr. (University of South Alabama)

2006-07   Kendra Peter     (Auburn University)

2005-06   Lauren McNeill  (University of South Alabama)

2004-05   Stephen Cauthen (University of Alabama – Birmingham)

2003-04   Ariel Chavez Buezo (University of South Alabama)

2002-03   Cynthia Pearson (University of Alabama – Birmingham)

2001-02   David L. Howie  (Auburn University)

2000-01   Scott W. Rogers  (Auburn University)

1999-00   Michael W. Esfeller, Jr.  (University of South Alabama)

1998-99   Anna M. Simpson (University of Alabama – Birmingham)

1997-98   Amy Cunningham (University of Alabama – Huntsville)

1996-97   Shana Hooth (University of Alabama – Huntsville)

1995-96   Noel Gregory (University of Alabama)

1994-95   Yvonne R. Roberts (Auburn University)

1993-94   Jerry Chris Jones (Auburn University)

1992-93   David J. Turner  (University of Alabama)

1991-92   Johnathan C. Powell (Auburn University)

1990-91   David W. Owen (University of Alabama)

1989-90   John H. Harvey  (University of Alabama)

1988-89   Susan E. Caraway (Auburn University)

1987-88   John Weeks (Auburn University)

1986-87   Jimmy Bryant Moss (University of Alabama)

1985-86   David H. Griffin (Co-Winner) (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

1985-86   Carl K. Toner (Co-Winner) (University of Alabama)

1984-85   Douglas O. Hobson (University of Alabama)